Our Program

We recognize that everybody is at a different place with their swimming knowledge and that everybody learns differently.  That is why we have set up our program to accommodate to those different needs.  We keep our lessons to a maximum teacher to student ratio of one to two, offering private and semi-private lessons frequently having an aide with the instructor at times.  

We schedule different from most swim schools.  To further accommodate to our student's learning styles, we allow them to schedule as they want and need.  This allows for different scheduling types such as one lesson weekly or maybe two weeks solid of lessons.  By scheduling on your schedule, you aren't locked into a session even when there are dates that you know you may miss or making you miss a session when you would like one because it doesn't work in your schedule.

Our curriculum

At Bowler Swim School we believe that the primary objective or a swimming program should be safety.  That is why the first thing we work towards is creating water safe swimmers who can get themselves to safety.  We work to get our students to swim on their fronts, then roll onto their back where they can breathe and take a rest before rolling back onto their tummy and continuing to swim.

After our students are solid in this foundational skill, we move on to teach all the competitive strokes, increasing our students's skill sets, endurance, and preparing them for swim team.


Our Culture

Bowler Swim School is a family operation that is run out of our family home.  We value family and that close knit relationship and seek to welcome all our students and their families into our swim lesson family.  Coming to lessons at Bowler Swim School is not just a place where we learn to blow bubbles and float on backs, it is a place where friendships are made and fun is had.  Beyond just the fun that is had in lessons, Bowler Swim School hosts multiple events each summer for swimmers and their families.  Ice cream nights, swim meets, end of summer parties, and open swims are the beginning of the additional services and events that are here at Bowler Swim School.

We seek to foster relationships with our students and their families so that our students can be comfortable trying new and often scary things while at lessons.  It makes us so excited to see students outside of swim lessons while at the store and receive a big loving hug from them.

Student success is celebrated excessively here.  We constantly are joyfully exclaiming when a student has accomplished a task.  Words of praise, suckers, and additional play time are utilized to help our students know that we are rooting for them.  On the last lesson we reflect back on those accomplished and present our students with a winners ribbon so that they can have something to remind them that they are capable of doing hard things.