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Frequently Asked Questions

What ages to you teach?

We welcome students of all ages and abilities to come swim with us.  Swimming is a lifelong skill that we want everyone to benefit from.  Our flexible curriculum enables us to adapt our teachings to our students' level and age, providing them with the best instruction for them as an individual.

What is your availability?

You can see what times we have open and resister for lessons via the Registration page here on our website.

What is the difference between private and semi-private lessons?

Private lessons are one student per instructor and semi-private lessons have two students per instructor.  Participants in semi-private lessons must be at the same skill level.  This ensures maximum susses.

How many lessons does it take to get my student swimming?

There is no set answer for that question, it truly depends on the child.  Fearful swimmers take longer to adjust while more fearless students often pick it up faster.  We suggest more frequent lessons to get them swimming faster, with “follow-up” lessons throughout the summer to make sure that skills stay sharp.

Swim lessons are like dance lessons or basketball practice, you shouldn’t just stock up for a few weeks and find it sufficient.  Swimming needs constant practice.

Should we choose private or semi private lessons?

Private lessons will provide your student with completely individual attention.  Semi-private lessons are only for students who are at the same skill level.  If students are entered into a semi-private lesson but are not at the same level, the lessons will be converted to a private lesson with no refund.  Semi-private lessons are a fun option for siblings or friends to have lessons together, but private lessons will get children swimming unassisted quickly.

What should we bring to our lesson?

You don’t need much, just the basics: bathing suit and towel.  We have sunscreen available if you need it, but we prefer that students wear sun shirts.  Students who are not potty-trained are required to wear a swim diaper.  Swim diapers alone do not count as a bathing suit, both must be worn.

We ask that parents help us out by not bringing certain objects to help make it easier for when we have to say no to them.  Those include goggles, swim aids and flotation devices which are not allowed in the pool during lessons.

Why don’t you let swimmers wear goggles?

Our focus is on getting children to be safe in case of an emergency.  The likelihood of a child having goggles on if that happens is not so likely!  We want students to be able to navigate a situation with confidence, not panicking because they are not wearing goggles and are uncomfortable opening their eyes underwater.  Additionally, goggles tend to be a distraction to the lesson, most students are not able to put them on my themselves and spend too much time fixated on them, distracting from valuable learning time.

Once students are working on strokes, then they may use goggles if they desire.  At that point they are able to take care of the goggles on their own and will be able to handle a emergency situation if one arises.

Why is my child crying during their lesson?

We strive to make swim lessons fun, but we also recognize that you are paying not just for play time, but to get your student swimming.  For many first time swimmers, this is a scry activity.  It is hard to believe that laying on your back is supposed keep you from sinking!  Realizing that they are not in control is often a shock to them, often causing the tears.

When students start crying they will begin looking for you to come save them.  If this starts to happen, the instructor may hint that you leave their sight.  This is not so that we can be rude, but so that the student can stop fixating on you and start getting back to their lesson.


Goggles Students are not to be using goggles until they are working on mastering the competitive strokes.  Beginner students are not allowed to wear goggles for two reasons.  First, they tend to be a distraction and a giant waste of valuable pool time, consuming much or the lesson with adjusting them ,getting water out of them, and clearing them of fog.  Secondly, and most importantly, goggles become a crutch on which they become dependent upon.  The likelihood of them having goggles on and on properly in the case of an emergency is slim, for that we prepare our students by engraving it in their minds that they can open their eyes underwater!  We ask for parent's to help us with this by not bringing goggles at all unless you have been told by your instructor that your student is to the point that they can wear those goggles during their lessons.

Cancellations and No Shows We do not offer refunds for canceled or missed lessons.  Please schedule carefully. 

Parking The south side of the road is reserved for swim lesson parking. Please keep the circular drive way clear for people to turn around on their way out and the main driveway clear for out family members to leave the house as needed.

Scared or Crying Swimmers It is completely normal for new swimmers to be scared. Crying is often a plea to mom/dad and if mom/dad are not there, the crying typically stops.  If your student is crying, we require parents to leave the students sight so they may focus on the instructor and be able to develop a relationship with them.

Observation Areas Make yourself comfortable in any of the chairs on the back deck or behind the pool in the grass area.  Parents are not allowed on the pool deck during lessons.

Other Children/Siblings Nobody is allowed in the pool except the students who are currently having their lessons. Other children are welcome to play in the backyard; however, we cannot assume responsibility for them while they aren’t in the pool with us.

Bathroom We have a bathroom in the house designated for swimmers’ use. Please help your swimmer flush the toilet and turn off the light. INSTRUCTORS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HELP YOUR CHILD USE THE RESTROOM. If your swimmer can not use the restroom alone, someone who can help must be present at the lesson.

Weather Lessons will be held in all weather except for lightning and pouring rain. Weather- related cancellations will be at the discretion of the instructor.